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IGT Token

IGT token is the main currency of the game, it enables players to exchange NFTs, buy map and use specific DeFi products such as collateralization, buyback, and staking, mainly in the first phases of the game development. Also required to participate in competitions and events

In-Game Assets

There are in-game assets that can be deployed into the game and they can be bought on the marketplace. Among them - skins, weapons, armors, decorations, or trophies from events.
*Limited quantity of IGT

Virtual Battle Maps

In the game, players could either purchase Battle Maps in the marketplace and spend battles on them, earning income. There is a scarce supply of maps in the universe and each map is represented in the form of NFT tokens


Daily, weekly, monthly and annual tournaments with valuable prizes IGT and NFT tokens

IGT is trading on


ERC-20 Token operates on the Ethereum network.
Traded on Uniswap.


BEP20 Token operates on the Binance Smart Chain network.
Traded on Pancake Swap.
Pancake Swap

About IGT token

ERC-20 CONTRACT ADDRESS IS: 0xf55Dc9bD4B04AF73599dF11087EcFB9bE7906CB5

BEP20 CONTRACT ADDRESS IS: 0xfa04a34771d7ecbe78e1f0840de176d7c17a17f8

*Limited quantity of IGT

Users can earn IGT tokens by participating in various in-game events such as competitions, completing tasks, etc.

Purchase Game Items

IGT can be used to purchase in-game assets, skins, weapon, virtual battle map and NFT tokens

Staking Rewards

IGT token can be used in the system to earn staking rewards. It is designed to encourage users to hold tokens and support the ecosystem


IGT token holders could participate in the decentralized governance process that decides on the use of revenues, game development and growth

How it works?

1. Install our crypto game

Install the game on your phone and register in it.

2. Play and earn IGT

In the game, you can earn IGT tokens by completing tasks and buying currency or items in the game

3. Withdraw IGT to the wallet

To withdraw an IGT token, you must have a crypto-wallet with ERC-20 support, such as, for example: MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, Trust Wallet, imToken Wallet and others.

4. Swap IGT to USD

IGT can be bought and sold on the Uniswap or Pancake Swap exchange

Road map


Game prototype development

Development of a prototype of a top down shooter.

Development of multiplayer in the game

Adding different multiplayer modes to the game

Introducing the IGT token into the game

The game is released into open beta testing on Google Play

Refinement of the game based on feedback from beta testers

Listing IGT token on the Uniswap exchange

The game is released into open beta testing on Apple App Store

Adding IGT staking function


Introducing the NFT token into the game

Adding an internal marketplace to the game

Adding a function community-created events

Adding Governance Feature by IGT Holders

Meet the Team

Aidos Ryskeldinov


Jon Gotovsky

Tech Lead

Alexa Li

Lead Artist

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